high-technology stock

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High-Technology Stock

A stock in a company that sells products involving sophisticated technology. Commonly, high-technology companies deal in electronics, computers, and scientific research. Investing in high-technology stocks is high risk because the market is stiffly competitive, but it may yield a high return, particularly if a technology becomes very popular. This was the case in the 1990s when the Internet became a part of daily life. Many high-technology stocks trade on NASDAQ. See also: Dot-com bubble.

high-technology stock

The stock of a company that is involved in sophisticated technology, such as electronics, computer software, robotics, or life sciences companies. High-technology stock often offers large potential gains but tends to be quite risky because of intense competition and uncertain success.
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79% and the Nasdaq Composite of high-tech stocks had gained 0.
High-tech stocks were mixed amid the yen's continued strength.
Incidentally, Nakamura is now a Professor of Physics at the University of California at Santa Barbara, I presume using his payment to invest in high-tech stocks here and abroad.
6 per cent on Friday as news that President Bush will outline reforms to help homeowners with subprime mortgages sparked broad-based buying, and Dell's earnings lifted high-tech stocks.
Investors in National Investment were led to believe that their money was being put in mostly stocks and initial public offerings for high-tech stocks and Internet companies.
One result was the now-notorious "dot-com" bubble, which drove high-tech stocks into the stratosphere before the bubble exploded in 2000.
41%, led by semiconductor and other high-tech stocks, brokers said.
Experts vary, but most agree that the use of the money for a specific goal should be at least five years away if you are investing in stocks or other equities, and many say 10 years for money invested in more-aggressive equities such as high-tech stocks.
This concern can always be raised about any firm--even "old-economy" businesses like automobile manufacturers--but the enthusiasm for high-tech stocks seems especially disproportional and hard to fathom.
Although retail investors are nervous and shying away from investing in high-tech stocks, institutional investors don't want to be left out when the tech stocks start accumulation," Ketchen adds.
A critical issue for many junior mining companies affected by the onslaught of high-tech stocks, experts in the field from Billiton Metals Canada and Market Intelligence Management will present their views.
The Taiwan Stock Exchange Weighted Index (TAIEX) soared more than 100 points immediately on opening and, led by high-tech stocks, maintained its upward course throughout the four-and-a-half hour session.

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