high flyer

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High flyer

High-priced and highly speculative stock that moves up and down sharply over a short period. Generally glamorous in nature due to the capital gains potential associated with them; also used to describe any high-priced stock. Antithesis of sleeper.

High Flyer

A highly volatile, highly priced stock. Generally speaking, a high flyer has a high price-earnings ratio and moves significantly up and down in price in a short period of time. High flyers are attractive to high-risk investors because of the possibility for high capital gains in a very short period of time. The increases in price come about as investors expect a positive announcement, such as high earnings. If this announcement does not occur, or is not as optimistic as expected, the price collapses.

high flyer

A heavily traded stock that sells at a high price-earnings ratio. High flyers go through a period of rapidly rising prices when something about the firms or the industries in which they operate catches the investing public's fancy. Unfortunately, however, most high flyers eventually come to earth with plunging prices when investors' expectations are shattered.
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Thorn Baker has introduced the High Flyers Club to get the best from its staff, with the initiative rewarding stand-out performances from its most successful staff on an annual basis with an all-expenses paid weekend in Barcelona.
Travel Business Review-January 9, 2015--bmi regional launches 'Be Elvis for a day' for high flyers
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A total of 15 youngsters took part in the graduation ceremony at the Montessori People, at the High Flyers Children Centre in Tedder Avenue.
EF Education First, the world's largest international education company, recently released the iPad app, EF High Flyers English Vocabulary Game for kids.
The exclusive leather-bound photo album featuring original pictures from Alan Shearer's football career will be auctioned off at the NSPCC High Flyers Ball tonight.
Elizabeth Nuttall and Terri-Ann Shaw are both members of the Pennine High Flyers, based in Huddersfield.
Head of Economics Steve Kay said: "Merchants has a long tradition of inspiring some of Britain's financial high flyers and Economics is our most popular subject.
The team, named the Jaguar High Flyers, fought off competition from across the country to win the Wright Challenge.
But with the Nordic combiners toting firearms, those high flyers would make perfect clay pigeons.
That editorial team includes Deborah Asbrand, Michaela Cavallaro, Keith Dawson, Jen Muehlbauer, David Sims, copy editor Jim Duffy, and the irrepressible editor Jimmy Guterman--all high flyers in the old days of the dot-com New Economy.
Ruthless cost cutting, coupled with the high mobility of the career-minded, means that real high flyers are often very hard to unearth.