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The Arab officials stressed that Israel and Iran must participate in the Helsinki conference.
Meanwhile, a report referred to the commission affirmed that Israel had obstructed the holding of the Helsinki conference on the Middle East WMDs.
Beyond the Helsinki Conference Sitra, in collaboration with the other project partners, is developing national programmes to guide and support member states in their practical implementation of the report's final recommendations.
A decisive turning point that ultimately led to the end of the Cold War was the Helsinki Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe from 1973 to '75, in which all parties of the East-West conflict were invited to the table and all issues were put on the table with enough time to address them in depth.
Those unable to attend the press conference in Helsinki are invited to attend the press conference in STOCKHOLM or DUSSELDORF, where the audio feed from the Helsinki conference can be heard and the presentation slides followed.
Soltaniyeh said Iran was "determined to participate actively" in the Helsinki conference, which he said could pave the way for a world free of nuclear weapons.
In the Helsinki Conference, the PSF Chairman gave a presentation on "IBSE in Pakistan-Issues in Implementation and Student Assessment".
Based extensively on the consequences of the Helsinki Conference (1975), the book focuses on documents inaccessibles for Romanians under the communist regime and consulted since the fall of the Berlin Wall by only a handful of scholars and researchers.
It has declined to attend the Helsinki conference, arguing that a WMD-free zone in the war-ravaged Middle East could be created only in the context of a comprehensive peace treaty promoting genuine trust between the region's many traditionally hostile neighbours.
That is why, when Serbia was entrusted to lead the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which grew from the Helsinki conference, this year, we were looking forward to celebrating the accord's many achievements on its 40th anniversary.
Russia and the UK, international co-conveners of the Helsinki conference, seem eager to continue the MEWMDFZ process despite the conditions set by the U.
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