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This event forced President Clinton into signing the Cuban exile-supported Helms-Burton Law.
26), through the passage of the Helms-Burton Law in 1996, which aimed at punishing TNCs and foreign corporations doing business in Cuba (p.
Under the Helms-Burton Law, US companies are prohibited from supplying services to Cuban individuals or companies.
The Helms-Burton Law (LIBERTAD Act of 1996, Public Law 104-14, 110 Stat.
And as recently as last year, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, for example, made a point of staying at a Havana hotel run by a Spanish company, Sol Melia, which in the past has been threatened with action under the Helms-Burton law.
Another Reich organization, the US-Cuba Business Council, has received more than $520,000 in US Agency for International Development money for anti-Castro work supporting the goals of the Helms-Burton law.
Have we become such a threat that legislative redress, as mentioned by Brian Unger (the associate western executive director for the DGA), will be brought in, tantamount to the Helms-Burton Law (U.
In a volley aimed at the US, the declaration insisted that the US "end its application of the Helms-Burton law in conformity with resolutions approved by the United Nations General Assembly.
In fact, we discovered a case where a former head of the GATT -- Arthur Dunkel -- was appointed to judge the Helms-Burton law (related to the U.
The Helms-Burton law has stirred considerable international resentment, including a challenge in the World Court.
See No Joke: Canadian Lawmakers Pointedly Parody Helms-Burton Law, CHI.
In response, Castro made it illegal for Cubans to "collaborate with radio, television or other means of propaganda with the goal of facilitating the Helms-Burton law.