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In his remarks to reporters, Heller didn't dwell on one notable biographical fact: Heller's father was not happy that his son had opted to become a priest, as Heller was an only son and the last holder of the Heller name.
As he reminds us in several poems and his fascinating memoir, Living Root (SUNY Press, 2000), Heller is the great-grandson of a revered Bialystok rabbi: a literal yichus that stands beside his equally Jewish Objectivist literary pedigree.
It now receives some components from Heller Manufacturing in Brazil.
The machines are standard machines, but Heller designed flexible fixturing, tooling, and automation to make the cell responsive to manufacturing challenges.
Heller examines instances of transcendence in contemporary science.
To facilitate growing sales of his prints, his wife, Sharl Heller, has set up an online gallery (www.
And yes, Heller is smart, in both a conceptual, logical way and a commonsense, retailing-oriented kind of way.
While biographical information on Heller himself might have added interest to this bibliography, there are literary curiosities to be found here.
For this issue, he discusses Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary, a documentary by Andre Heller and Othmar Schmiderer.
Fuji holds about 52% of outstanding common shares of Heller.
Somebody should have stood tall enough to tell an aging Heller the truth.
The middle portion of Malone's book concentrates on how Heller became a leader of the Southern Jewish community through his rabbinical position in New Orleans and his advocacy of various social justice (tzedakah) issues.