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The Turnip " is a rollicking, cumulative tale about a badger family and their friends Hedgie, Mr.
Greeting the children were such book characters as Curious George, Froggy, Franklin, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Wild Thing and Hedgie the Hedgehog
On top of high-image quality, there are three technology features that are highly valued in the loss prevention world: video intelligence, sleek or covert design, and the ability to move a camera to where you need it, when you need it," said Hedgie Bartol, business development manager, Retail, Axis Communications.
Down the end of the cell block, past the short-selling hedgie sucking on the bones of human misery - all legal, ladies and gentlemen - catch of glimpse of Mad Madoff of Ponzi rattling his chains with only eternal damnation and a 150-year jail sentence to look forward to.
Isabel Marks high-fives Hedgie the Hedgehog while Clifford the Big Red Dog greets other children during Springfield schools' `A Gift of Literacy' celebration at Lane Community College.
The talk of Gardeners' World Live at the NEC is the Hedgie - aka High Energy Determined Gardener.
Axis Communications, the global leader in the network video market, today announced the addition of industry veteran Hedgie Bartol as new Retail Business Development Manager, North America.
The approach afforded by the open platform of Milestone and the expertise of Direct Source gives retailers the ability to design a solution that not only meets their needs today, but is scalable and flexible to meet future requirements," said Hedgie Bartol, retail manager, Milestone Systems.
With this, Apple Inc is no longer one of the top 5 most favourite stocks among big-wig hedgies.
The hedgies love me -- it's amazing how successful you can be if you tell the truth,'' he said.
You are looking at something which is much more predictable and therefore less interesting for the hedgies," said Mirabaud Securities analyst Susan Anthony.