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A measure of area of land. A hectare is equal to 10,000 square meters. It traces its origins to the French revolutionary government. It is often used in real estate transactions. See also: Acre.


A land measurement under the metric system,equal to 10,000 square meters,or roughly 2.471 acres.

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Sedjo estimates that it would require 465 million hectares (1 14.
Other figures released show that the area growing strawberries rose by 30 hectares to 940 hectares (a three per cent increase), and raspberries increased by 40 hectares (13 per cent) to 350 hectares.
He noted that the areas planted with irrigated wheat are 36,300 hectares out of the planned 951,000 hectares.
The largest amount of grain was collected in Khatlon region (south of the country) - 444,000 tons - the yield of which comprises 34 centers per hectare.
98 million hectare of land has been put under the crop so far as against the 0.
Within its more than 383,000 hectares one finds all climatic conditions--arid, mountain temperate, and tropical--and more than 1,800 species of plants, 700 types of butterflies, 23 species of amphibians, 71 of reptiles, 360 of birds and 131 different mammals.
The 50 hectares of woodland could also qualify for the EWGS Woodland Management Grant at pounds 30 per hectare.
A research team at the National Space Research Institute of Brazil, for example, calculated a staggering loss of 8 million hectares during 1987, based on infrared satellite images that reveal smoke from fires.
The country rehabilitated 4,100 hectares of orchards, and 6,100 hectares of vineyards.
Eight hot spots at an area of nearly 570 hectares have been located," the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry's (EMERCOM) main department for the Trans-Baikal Territory told Itar-Tass.
During 2008-09 poppy was cultivated on 1779 hectares out of which 105 hectares were destroyed.
Head of the Plant Production Department at Hasaka Province Azzawi al-Azzawi said the amount of the irrigated wheat area reached about 251263 hectares out of the planned area of 305843 hectares with 83 percent, while the rainfed wheat area estimated at 358380 hectares of 396908 hectares with 91 percent.