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A measure of area of land. A hectare is equal to 10,000 square meters. It traces its origins to the French revolutionary government. It is often used in real estate transactions. See also: Acre.


A land measurement under the metric system,equal to 10,000 square meters,or roughly 2.471 acres.

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Kindly patriarch Hectar seizes the throne for his family.
Lubna and Hectar are Arabian leopards that were carefully paired by experts at Al Bustan Zoological Centre, a privately owned zoo in Sharjah, and Al Ain Zoo.
Alpen Capital had advised the Bin Omran Group and The First Investor, an unit of Qatar-based Barwa Bank, had advised the incoming investor, Hectar, on the transaction.
5m dollars you can have a sparkling wine company in Russia, a Chardonnay vineyard in Pennsylvania for just $300,00 dollars or an 85 hectar award-winning `wine farm' in South Africa with plenty of accommodation for your friends (45,000,000 rand).
Real coach Hectar Cuper, who changed his squad dramatically in the closed season by selling nine players and signing eleven, has no doubts whatsoever that he is through.
Petai ffermwyr yn derbyn y cyngor a chynhyrchu 10% yn llai o datws eleni, mae'r arbenigwyr yn rhagweld y bydd cynhyrchiant o amgylch 134,000 hectar.
Erbyn hyn mae RSPB Cymru yn rheoli 18 gwarchodfa natur, gydag arwynebedd o bron i 17,000 hectar, ac mae'n gyfrifol am achub rhywogaethau fel y barcud, y frn goesgoch a'r rugiar ddu yng Nghymru.
The output of an intensive farm can reach up to seven tons per hectar, flint of a semi-intensive one 3.
Yn ol y newidiadau byddai rhostiroedd uwchben 400m yn derbyn PS15 yr hectar, wrth i diroedd is na 400m dderbyn PS158.
Ffermio defaid a gwartheg magu y mae'r teulu ar y fferm deuluol dros 540 hectar ers dechrau'r 1950au.