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Heavy Industry

A generic term for sectors producing or using heavy machinery or items. For example, heavy industry may refer to an automobile factory or the construction of a building. It may also be a designation in zoning law for places where such facilities may be built. See also: Light industry.

heavy industry

A concept usually important in zoning regulations,where it will be defined for the particular purposes of those laws.In common parlance,heavy industry is usually understood as that requiring extensive capital investment in land and machinery and thus not easily relocated.This is contrasted with light industry, which is usually more labor intensive and relatively easy to move. Other times, the term “heavy industry” is intended to convey an image of severe environmental impact through normal operations.

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The order newly placed to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Shipbuilding is an integral part of that initiative.
Doosan Heavy Industries Acquires AE&E Group's Boiler
We at Motorcity are proud to receive this prestigious award from Hyundai Heavy Industries, and we are positive with Hyundai's unremitting support, we will continue to achieve excellent results during this year and the years to come," said Darkazalli.
Combustors will be supplied by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Dongfang Gas Turbine (Guangzhou) Co.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has sourced Wescast to supply cast and machined turbine housings for its Netherlands plant.
In accordance with the Hyundai agreement, Thomas will be the sole and exclusive supplier of skid steer loaders and other Thomas manufactured products for Hyundai Heavy Industries.
SM-Cyclo, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, is an industry leader in the manufacturing of high-quality power-transmission products.
Nagasaki prefectural police plans to summon senior executives of Sasebo Heavy Industries Co.
Public prosecutors served a new arrest warrant Tuesday on House of Representatives member Yojiro Nakajima on suspicion of taking 5 million yen in bribes from Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
opened a liaison office of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Europe, Ltd.
The second and third largest companies are Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd and AB Volvo with revenues of US$48,573 million and US$47,822 million respectively in FY2011.
MHI) will change the name of its group company in Singapore from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering & Services Private Ltd.