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A court proceeding that determines a stated issue. For example, a hearing may be held to determine whether or not certain evidence is admissible in a lawsuit.


A legal proceeding conducted by an administrative agency in order to take testimony and arguments for or against a proposed action. Parties may have attorneys present but are not required to do so.Unlike the court system,most agencies permit corporations to appear through an officer or majority shareholder,without requiring an attorney.

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However, a hearing test and explanation of the effects of the loss may alleviate some of these negative effects.
CaliforniaChoice([R]) today announced the launch of its EPIC Hearing Service Plan, a new discount hearing program that gives CaliforniaChoice([R]) employers and their staff free access to programs and services, such as diagnostic hearing tests and hearing aids.
Annual hearing test s for the over-60s are an extremely important health check.
If the child fails a hearing test, Shahnawaz said they will need to undergo a further medical examination to get to the root of the problem.
Mary is hoping he passes his next hearing test, and won't suffer again this winter.
In addition to optical services, the company has recently added Healthcall Hearing Care to its repertoire, providing free hearing tests and hearing aids at home.
WEBSTER - The Lions Club Sightmobile is on its annual fall tour of Webster parochial and public elementary schools, driving to provide free vision and hearing tests to children.
People should have hearing tests every five years, and every two years after they are 50 years of age.
Selectmen earlier had decided to fund on-site hearing tests for full-time employees of the police, highway and fire departments.
Karachi, June 26 ( ANI ): The Pakistan Cricket Board's (PCB) Elite Panel Umpires may have to go through eye and hearing tests, following a recommendation put forward by one of the world's top umpire, Aleem Dar.
The West Derby complex started its inquiry after concerns were raised over the accuracy of hearing tests carried out on youngsters.