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A court proceeding that determines a stated issue. For example, a hearing may be held to determine whether or not certain evidence is admissible in a lawsuit.


A legal proceeding conducted by an administrative agency in order to take testimony and arguments for or against a proposed action. Parties may have attorneys present but are not required to do so.Unlike the court system,most agencies permit corporations to appear through an officer or majority shareholder,without requiring an attorney.

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Additionally, the Air Force had the lowest percentage of musicians with annual hearing tests.
If the hearing test reveals hearing loss, a complete diagnostic auditory evaluation should be scheduled within 30 days.
Rubens' theory is that the association of abnormal hearing tests with SIDS might be related to cochlear and vestibular, and possibly brainstem, damage, which could disrupt the brain's ability to control respiration.
The Otogram uses artificial intelligence, touch-screen technology, and proprietary hearing testing equipment to allow patients to self-administer the hearing test, after brief instructions from an administrator.
Audiologists are usually not medical doctors but are trained to give hearing tests and interpret the results.
More newborns will get hearing tests now that 22 states have received a total of $3 million to develop and expand newborn hearing screening and intervention programs.
Computerized hearing tests make it possible to screen newborns.
s give hearing tests, yet hearing aid sales remain flat.
The team gave all recruits a battery of sophisticated hearing tests at the start of the study Then the researchers randomly assigned the participants to receive one of three brands of implants.
Hearing Tests and Interactive Demonstrations Available Around the Country
Besides being able to do hearing tests online and over the phone you can also do hearing tests face to face.
Hearing Aid Centre, a leading hearing aid company is offering hearing tests to people that are facing troubles.