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According to Arndt (1938: 22) when in assembling the individual pieces during the construction of a korke a peg or dowel (ketilo) did not fit its hole, people would go head-hunting among the Paji, bring back a head and smear blood on the dowel, so that it would fit (cf.
Arndt (1938: 28) summarized his findings on feuding and head-hunting in the Lamaholot area by observing that,
LIVERPOOL City Council is to employ a head-hunting agency to target top executives who will lead Liverpool into 2008.
A 25-year-old entrepreneur, who owns a successful head-hunting firm, has branched out into the restaurant trade with what he believes to be a Birmingham first.
The news service finds evidence of this in instances of head-hunting for pilots and managers.
A five-man panel, chaired by WRU president Keith Rowlands, has been set up to decide which head-hunting company to employ.
His new trainer, Buddy McGirt, told him after virtually every round Saturday night to quit head-hunting, to bring some of those punches down to the body of Sergei Liakhovich in their heavyweight title fight in Cleveland.
Except I nearly forgot to mention the pounds 60,000wasted on head-hunting her non-replacement.
Head-hunting is not illegal in any other industry so why does football want it to be?
WELSH Athletics is throwing down the gauntlet as it begins a head-hunting mission for the next big talents.
As one of the three members of the head-hunting panel designed to find a successor to the axed Steve Staunton, for mer Republic star Houghton was bowled over by the Italian, whose wages are being sponsored by billionaire businessman Denis O'Brien.
London-based Blackwood Group is doing the head-hunting for someone who "will lead a growing team through a period of rapid change, managing with clarity and decisiveness".