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Today's economy presents employers with challenges that can be addressed by understanding the results of the Hawthorne studies.
When the Hawthorne studies were designed, everybody knew they were being measured for productivity.
Carey's thorough demolition of the results of the famous Hawthorne studies provides a nice example in this regard.
The Hawthorne studies demonstrated time and again that employees will create informal social groups within or across from their formal work groups.
Like the Hawthorne studies, Yankee City was funded by the Harvard Business School, and the two studies cross-fertilized each other.
Pu examines the evolution of Hawthorne studies in China.
Australia) relates Mayo's medical background, involvement in the Hawthorne studies at Western Electric Company, work as a philosopher in South Australia, ideas about political psychology, teaching, years at Harvard, and as a psychologist.
In the first romance, Millington argues, Hawthorne studies culture and how it conditions meaning.
Pu maps Hawthorne studies in terms of interest and translations during the twentieth century.