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And then, the Hash function would got the same hash value from those feature vectors which come from the same biometric sample but don't exactly equal.
can recalculate the HASH values at a later time and compare it to the calculated HASH values at
The implication of these relatively new hacking techniques is that comparing hash values of files on the system is useless because any hashes created on the system cannot be trusted.
An attacker can easily build a (rainbow) table to expose the relation between hash values and real credit card numbers if the solution is not based on HMAC and a rigorous key management system.
The distinguishing features of the product include case management, an ability to store evidence information in a database, support for multiple-monitors, hash values calculation for evidence data, support for huge cases such as multiple Outlook mailbox case, etc.
The main attacks for recovering clear text passwords from hash values consist of computation of all possible passwords up to a certain number of characters (exhaustive search attack), or perhaps a list of typically chosen passwords (dictionary attack).
The archived documents are protected from any attempts at manipulation via 512-bit hash values.
The database consists of 'born-on' file information, including file name and digital hash values, which provides a unique file 'signature' archive crossing multiple operating systems and applications programs.
Search criteria can include file type, file signature, keywords, metadata, hash values, and custodians.
With 512-bit hash values, the archived documents are protected against any manipulation attempts.
The new hash values are verified with the previous values before any software is allowed to start execution, thus preventing system tampering.
The Bit9 Knowledgebase is the largest collection of actionable intelligence about the world's software, including hash values (or "digital fingerprints") calculated for executable files that act as digital identifiers.