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The whole-dollar price of a bid or offer is referred to as the handle (e.g., if a security is quoted at 101.10 bid and 101.11 offered, 101 is the handle. In this example, the market is then simply quoted as 'ten to eleven', as in '.10 to .11'.) Traders are assumed to know the handle. See: Full.


1. On an exchange, a point in price change. For example, if stock goes from $11 to $10, it is said to drop a handle.

2. On the S&P, 100 points in price change.

3. See: Big figure.


The whole dollar price of a bid or offer. A bid of $91.10 and an ask of $91.15 would have a handle of $91.
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Moreover, the sizers' wear parts are cheaper and more readily handleable.
The dried parts are readily handleable, and will not melt or break easily, according to Marina Hatsopoulos, president of Z Corp.
At British Coal's Southside washery (See COAL, March 1989) an attempt was made to briquette coal fines in order to make a more handleable product.