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CPU (Central Processing Unit)

the brain of a COMPUTER which stores and processes data.
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The angle of rotation of the HVM arm is not fixed and can be varied by changing the position of initial and maximum point limit switches.
In addition to his work on the HVM Catapult fellowship, Dr Gao's current research includes the use of optical deflectometry as a means of measuring complex freeform surfaces such as lenses.
Other course components represented on the HVM include teamwork, the course overall, instruction, rock climbing and lessons.
One area that will be key to sustaining the time-critical flow of HVM depot operations will be the depot backshops.
Although the HVM identifies the attributes that provide certain benefits and thus satisfy consumer value demands, the HVM cannot be used to identify the benefits with which consumers are most concerned.
Said Philippe, of Minardi/ HVM Racing: "I don't have a ride in the IRL, either.
Commercial Defeasance, LLC recently facilitated a $21,800,000 multi-property defeasance transaction for HVM Management Company, Inc.
The stolen car, a slate grey Lexus IS200 Sport, registered number X342 HVM, was still missing today.
HVM is co-located with its sister-company, REVA Medical, Inc.
The HVM technology appeared to be a good fit to the BAe project - but on a massive scale.