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These Decisions, when combined, lift any barriers within EU legislation that were preventing EU Member States from ratifying the 2010 HNS Protocol and so EU Member States will now be able to ratify if they wish to do so.
Using managed broadband services from HNS, Casey's can: -- conduct polling at each retail location; -- enhance customer service with improved business transactions; and -- future proof its network through flexible service offerings.
DIRECWAY Wi-Fi Access is available now as an upgrade for existing enterprise customers of HNS' DIRECWAY broadband satellite service, and will be offered through all HNS sales channels, including its direct sales team and value-added distributors and resellers.
With its satellite network, HNS has a unique opportunity to provide wireless Internet access anywhere in the country for a wide variety of applications," said Deborah Ablahat-Cipriano, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Proxim.
The performance of DIRECWAY continues to demonstrate HNS' leadership in providing high-quality Internet access solutions to small business and residential users across America, particularly in areas underserved by DSL or cable," said Mike Cook, senior vice president at HNS.
11 technology, we are confident that HNS will help our organization to achieve its goal of enhancing the user experience through product interoperability.
This press release may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act, with respect to future performance, operating results, strategy, plans and other future event relating to SkyTerra and its subsidiaries, including the subsidiary that has been formed to acquire the remaining 50% of HNS and hold all remaining SkyTerra assets and liabilities other than SkyTerra's interests in the MSV Joint Venture and TerreStar.
After Hurricane Katrina, HNS and its value-added resellers provided emergency satellite communications in many hard-hit areas, to government and military agencies, small businesses, news reporters, and relief organizations, churches and schools.
The RBC and HNS together will work to raise awareness and eliminate the education gap so that all businesses, especially those in rural areas, understand that viable, affordable broadband solutions exist today and are not restricted by geography.
Denny's selected the HNS solution because it is ideal for today's business applications such as credit processing, portal access, and polling, while providing an easy growth path as newer, more bandwidth-intensive applications are deployed.
DIRECWAY technology has consistently led the satellite broadband market in terms of performance, reliability and economy," said HNS Chairman and CEO, Pradman Kaul.
market, HNS also serves approximately 5,000 gas stations/convenience stores in Europe and Asia.