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Trump temporarily suspended premium processing of H-1B visas, one of the main visas skilled workers use to enter the country.
New Delhi: Former Infosys director and industry veteran T V Mohandas Pai said the recent move by the Donald Trump administration to tighten H-1B visa approval is unlikely to have any significant impact on Indian IT firms compliant with laws, but could "hurt" bodyshops that misuse the system.
USA], Feb 24 (ANI): The Donald Trump administration on Friday announced a new measure, making the approval of H-1B visa more tougher, in a move that is likely to hit various Indian firms in the United States.
Washington: In a move that is to hit Indian IT firms and their employees, the Trump administration has announced a new measure that makes it tougher to issue H-1B visas to those who will be employed at one or more third-party worksites.
The H-1B visa program generally allows a foreign employee to work for a specific sponsoring American employer.
Big banks, which had been so far seeking to hire foreign workers under the H-1B visa programme, are now reconsidering their costs as the Trump administration has made it harder for firms to obtain these permits.
Summary: The Trump administration was mulling to deny visa extensions to H-1B holders
html) executive order to review high-skilled H-1B immigration visas - a move that could severely curb employment of foreign workers.
Frida Yu | NYT SYNDICATE SIX months ago I won the lottery the H-1B visa processing lottery for skilled foreign workers.
22 -- The Trump administration's "Buy American, Hire American" Executive Order is directed to streamline the employment-visa program, especially the high-skilled visa program known as H-1B, targeting the reduction to legal immigration, Asian Tribune very reliably learns.
In April, he unveiled his "Buy American, Hire American" initiative and directed federal agencies to suggest changes to the popular H-1B visa program.
Just south of a half-million of them are H-1B specialized knowledge workers, or workers in jobs that, by definition, require the knowledge of a person with at least a bachelor's degree in a particular field of study.