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During his meeting with the Equatorial Guinean president, Mehleb said that Egypt "is counting on strong support by Equatorial Guinea" when it comes to Egypt's reinstatement in the Peace and Security Council.
Through these actions, it is clear that the executive body of the Guinean government has no respect for the rule of law and no support for an independent judiciary.
Our nations have many common points and Guinea has struggled a lot to achieve peace, justice, and freedom and this is why we understand quite well Iran's independence and freedom-seeking stances in international arena," the Guinean foreign minister said.
The United States has had limited involvement in Guinean drug enforcement activities because the leader of the counter-drug agency remains wanted for questioning by the International Criminal Court concerning alleged human rights abuses.
Researcher Irina Pugach and colleagues analysed genetic variation from across the genome from aboriginal Australians, New Guineans, island Southeast Asians, and Indians.
In the 1950s, djembe drumming became an integral part of the Guinean national ballet, although performed in a choreographed rather than a spontaneous way.
The following brief, panoramic view of Equatorial Guinean literature shows that many writers revisit key places and spaces of the past and present (material and nonmaterial) to give sense to the fragmented collective memory of Equatorial Guineans.
Nonetheless, throughout most of the period, Upper Guineans made up the largest single segment of Maranhao's slave population.
In his delivered word, General Meleta hailed the role by Guinean forces in carrying out their peace preservation mission within thirty five years in south Lebanon.
The Guinean government "supports efforts made by the UN and remains firmly attached to the Moroccan initiative of negotiating a status of autonomy for the Sahara region," said, on Wednesday in the UN headquarters, Guinean Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, African Integration and Francophonie Bakary Fofana.
Conde's Rally for the Guinean People (RPG) party accused Sylla and Boubacar Diallo, the head of planning at Ceni, of manipulating the voting records of the first round.
Bellzone Mining plc (AIM: BZM) is pleased to announce that the Mining Convention (the "Convention") for its Kalia Mine (the "Mine" or "Project") and associated infrastructure has been approved and signed by the Guinean Minister of Mines and Geology and the Guinean Minister of Economy and Finance.