guarantee letter

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Guarantee letter

A commercial bank's letter assuring payment of the exercise price of a client's put option.

Guarantee Letter

In put options, a guarantee of delivery of securities made by a bank to a brokerage on behalf of the bank's client. When an investor is writing a put option and does not have the cash available to buy the underlying asset if the option is exercised, the brokerage may require a guarantee letter in order to eliminate the risk that the investor will not be able to buy the underlying asset. See also: Cosigner, Letter of guarantee.

guarantee letter

A letter that is issued by a commercial bank guaranteeing that an investor who is writing a put option will pay the required sum in the event that the put is exercised against the investor.
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From a week, we will try to process guarantee letters in 3 days or less,' said the former police director who assumed the post from former Cavite Gov.
3316 / 2005, which is either a) a guarantee letters TSMEDE or banks operating legally in Greece or in any Member - State of the EU or the EEA or the WTO, or b) a recommendation deposit equivalent amount or equivalent value of securities in T.
In international regulations of guarantee letters, provisions 6-06 to 6-10[11] are related to the review of proceeds assignment regulations.
Sayga Flour Mills, which is part of DAL Group, relies on Byblos Bank, Abu Dhabi National Bank and Saudi Sudanese Bank to provide Guarantee Letters for the purposes of importing wheat and other production items.
NCA also adopted two loan guarantee letters dated April 25, 2012.
The defendant is also accused of forging three guarantee letters, which he claimed to have been issued by the Ministry of Finance and the Dubai Municipality (DM).
At present, the government only acknowledges the effect of guarantee letters issued by foreign banks with Taiwanese branches or those ranking among top 1,000 banks worldwide.
OFID will guarantee letters of credit (LC) issued by banks in developing countries to support trade transactions of local corporates.
It also denied that guarantee letters for certain patients were released on the same day as the request was received but said patients who are for imminent discharge from the hospital are given priority and that if the grant is P100,000 and below, it is possible that the papers will be processed and the guarantee letters will be released on the same day.
Guarantees submitted as guarantee letters of credit institutions or other legal entities that operate legally in Member States of the European Union and are in accordance with the applicable right.
Apart from the special accommodation, guarantee letters are provided to these patients three to four times a month without the patient or his or her relatives being interviewed by a social worker as required, Maliksi said.
If the text of Guarantee Letters are not written in Greek or in English, accompanied by an official translation certified by a competent authority, in Greek or in English.