Growth opportunity

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Growth opportunity

Opportunity to invest in profitable projects.

Growth Opportunity

An investment or project that has the potential to grow significantly, leading to a profit for the investor. New investments are often presented to potential investors as growth opportunities.
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In this press release, such forward-looking statements include, without limitation, Brewer's statements regarding our growth opportunity, and the importance of proven sales leadership in capitalizing on the growth opportunity.
Forward looking statements in this release include the growth opportunity due to the E Eyewear brand and the development and launch of additional sunglass styles and products.
To sustain their leadership in a challenging market, they are investing in a compelling All Brand Services vision which emphasizes service as an attractive growth opportunity.
Demographics and leisure travel patterns are at the core of a growing trend toward family-oriented vacations, usually within driving distance from home, which is creating an exceptional growth opportunity for our concept and brand.
Each of the profiled areas represents a premium growth opportunity within the universe of more than 130 health sciences disciplines.
Micro-well plates and other products for label-independent detection potentially represent a growth opportunity for Corning.
This is a critical development time in the industry, and those firms that effectively measure and execute strategies to seize the growth opportunity presented by the demand for prepaid wireless services will be rewarded for their efforts.
Dave Wentz, president of USANA, commented, "The opening of the Korean market is another step in our international expansion efforts and represents another significant growth opportunity for USANA.

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