growth recession

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Growth recession

A growth recession is a prolonged period (more than one quarter) of significantly below trend real GDP growth. For the U.S., this would be growth in the 0-2 percent range. While an official recession usually has two quarters of negative real GDP growth, this is not required in a growth recession.

Growth Recession

An economy in which GDP growth is occurring but unemployment is high. A growth recession can be politically complicated, as politicians either must convince the majority of people that things are going well or a minority that things are going poorly. See also: Jobless recovery.

growth recession

An economy in which the output of goods and services slowly expands but unemployment remains high or grows.
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These growth recessions have been among the root causes for higher unemployment in the exporting countries of Asia and Latin America.
Growth recessions, as that term is commonly used, are periods when output grows slower than trend for a sustained period.
Blinder urged the NBER to consider reviving the concept of growth recessions, which the United States had unambiguously experienced starting in mid-2000, because they may now be the relevant measure of economic distress.
Historically, most growth recessions degenerate into business cycle recessions, but some do not.
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