Group insurance

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Group insurance

Insurance coverage for a group, which can usually be obtained at a cheaper rate than insurance for an individual.

Group Insurance

Insurance provided to a whole number of people who negotiate collectively. Group insurance is thought to provide better insurance at a lower rate to members of the group because the insurer is able to spread its risk over a larger number of people that it otherwise would be able to do. Unions and other trade groups often procure group insurance policies.
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com and noted Group Policy expert, "The PolicyMaker SDK enables us to provide our customers custom solutions to their Group Policy problems.
DirectControl delivers significant cost savings by enabling administrators to leverage Microsoft Group Policy to manage mixed Windows, Linux/Unix and Java/J2EE environments.
FullArmor RELM uses the cloud to remotely monitor and manage Group Policy settings on endpoints, wherever they may be, to make sure security policies and regulatory compliance requirements are always enforced on the device.
Likewise Enterprise includes all the core authentication technology that comes with Likewise Open, plus world-class modules for access control, migration, group policy, auditing, and reporting.
This resource kit for the Group Policy in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista gives system administrators and IT professionals a clear understanding of the latest features and capabilities, including over 5000 individual settings and 40 client-side extensions (CSE).
Heitbrink established himself as the foremost Group Policy expert in Germany via his numerous publications and his website, http://www.
He presents a revised and reorganized fifth edition of the text on Group Policy he originally published in 2000, designed to help system administrators manage their users and computers using Group Policy for all Windows editions.
Centrify DirectControl effectively turns a non-Microsoft server, workstation or device into an Active Directory client, enabling an organization to secure that system using the same authentication, access control and Group Policy services currently deployed for Windows systems.
With this add-on to the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC), administrators can adjust application privilege levels to the lowest possible point in order to limit damages stemming from network attacks or user error.
Covers the fundamentals and beyond of Group Policy, a collection of tools and settings that allow administrators to manage users and computers across a Windows Server enterprise
Latest Centrify DirectControl release includes the first Group Policy support for OpenSSH and increased Mac OS X desktop lockdown features; Centrify CEO and CTO to speak at LinuxWorld sessions
He also served as an architect in Microsoft's Windows Server Updates Services and Group Policy.

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