Group of Five

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Group of Five (G-5)

The five leading countries (France, Germany, Japan, the U.K., and the U.S.) that meet periodically to achieve some cooperative effort on international economic issues. When currency issues are discussed, the monetary authorities of these nations hold the meeting.

Group of Five

1. The United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France (listed by nominal GDP). The G5 are the world's leading industrial powers. Their leaders meet periodically to discuss economic cooperation, and the five nations have generally friendly trade relations. Representatives of the central banks of these nations also meet periodically to discuss monetary matters.

2. Group of Five is also occasionally used to describe representatives of the five Wall Street investment firms who jointly designed subprime mortgage securities: Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, JP Morgan Chase, and Citigroup.
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A spokesman for the town hall in Lloret de Mar told Spanish website The Local that a group of five women had been warned not to go in to the sea by a security guard at a beach bar, but two went in anyway.
The other group one seeds - Scotland, Romania, Russia, Yugoslavia and Norway - will be drawn into one group of five and four groups of six.
We're keen to trace this group of five youths and people in the community will know their identity.
OTCBB:UDTA) today announced that it has entered into a group of five agreements intended to facilitate the disposal of Ultradata's current operations and enable Ultradata to acquire a new business under new management.
Paul Weitekamp (16:24) and Navjit Dullet (16:28) took the top two spots on Pierce College's three-mile course Friday at the Prep League championships, leading a group of five Rebels that placed among the top nine runners to carry Flintridge Prep -- the state's No.
SNL")(TSX VENTURE:SNL) has entered into an Agreement to obtain an option to acquire a 50% interest in a group of five mineral claims located in the Skeena Mining Division in the Province of British Columbia.
When your team is transitioning from a group of five players to another group of five, sometimes it takes a while to adjust, and I thought we made that adjustment pretty well,'' Gallen said.
Kape currently holds senior officer positions within a portfolio group of five (5) private companies, all of which are involved in online marketing activities related to sports.
Cameron led a group of five Trojans in double figures with 17 points in a 80-77 victory over rival UCLA in front of a season-high 5,222 at the Sports Arena.
The award is in honor of Federico Bloch, who was a pioneer in Latin American aviation and the driving force behind the creation of Grupo TACA, a group of five airlines in Central America.
The winner will be chosen from a group of five finalists, who were selected from an original group of 10 nominees.
3%) a group of five cross-collateralized, cross-defaulted loans.

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