Group insurance

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Group insurance

Insurance coverage for a group, which can usually be obtained at a cheaper rate than insurance for an individual.

Group Insurance

Insurance provided to a whole number of people who negotiate collectively. Group insurance is thought to provide better insurance at a lower rate to members of the group because the insurer is able to spread its risk over a larger number of people that it otherwise would be able to do. Unions and other trade groups often procure group insurance policies.
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9 /PRNewswire/ -- The possibility of losing one's job is the number one financial concern of people in the South, a survey sponsored by CIGNA Group Insurance reported today.
The CIGNA Group Insurance survey also discovered that people's concerns about financial security vary a great deal, depending upon the region of the country in which they live.
As part of their efforts to keep families warm this winter, CIGNA Group Insurance employees also are collecting blankets and warm clothing for distribution to needy families throughout the Philadelphia area.
In this capacity, she will direct product management, marketing, administration and group insurance sales management.
APRA expects the guidance contained in LPG 270 may also be useful to insurers of other types of group insurance arrangements.
In this new role, Vaughan will be responsible for the overall national account sales strategy both for new business and renewals for CIGNA Group Insurance, which sells life, accident, disability, and dental coverage to employers.
The court concluded that, because the agreement used similar language to refer to both the group insurance and the pension plan, the parties intended both plans to vest.
Current: CalCPA Members Insurance and Benefits Committee; Administrative Board of the Group Insurance Trust, trustee.
Under existing rules, HSAs could be considered employee welfare benefit plans under ERISA Section 3(1), if they met the safe harbor for group insurance programs at 29 CFR [section] 2510.
For more information on any of the TAPPI group insurance plans, contact Marsh Affinity Group Services, TAPPI Group Insurance Program, PO.
NaviSys has developed software to enable providers, insureds, and group insurance administrators access to eligibility and claim data through the Internet.
For several years, I've advised readers to get non-employment-based group insurance for major medical, catastrophic, and excess medical expense needs, in addition to any employer-based plans they might have.

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