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A report published in the Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health by Grivna and colleagues last year, stated these causes of hospitalisation were relatively severe, and proportionally more frequent than in Western countries.
Grivna said parents needed to be vigilant and more aware of their children's development delays.
Dr Grivna provided further insight on the types of injuries; * with traffic accidents representing 63 per cent of mortality cases * Drowning and falls at 10 per cent each * Surveys among local population showed that over 90 per cent had never used car seats before and that the majority of children were not restrained whether seated in front or at the rear of the car.
The JazzMN Big Band personnel: alto saxophone, Brian Grivna and Dave Milne; tenor saxophone, Dave Karr and Dale Mendenhall; baritone saxophone, Kathy Jensen; trombone, Michael Nelson, Dave Graf and Ethan Freier; bass trombone, Wade Clark; trumpet, Bob Hallgrimson, Bernie Edstrom, Dave Jensen and Tim Sullivan; guitar, Dave Singley; piano, Mary Louise Knutson; bass, Ron Evanuik; drums, Joe Pulice.
It was presented during the three-day Arab Children Health Congress by Dr Michal Grivna, associate professor, faculty of medicine and health sciences, at the University of the UAE, as part of the Safe Kids Middle East programme.
There are also environmental risk factors that need to be addressed such as ensuring appropriate traffic and urban planning around schools and safe drop off and pick up sites for children," Dr Grivna said.
oInternational studies mention extensive use of walkers can weaken leg muscles and delay normal physical development by three to four months,o said Dr Michal Grivna.
Michal Grivna of the Czech Republic expounded on school safety.
The JazzMN Big Band personnel features Brian Grivna, Pete Whitman, Dave Karr, Dave Milne, Kathy Jensen on saxophone; Michael Nelson, Dave Graf, Ethan Freier, Wade Clark on trombone; Bernie Edstrom, Jeff Gottwig, Eric Wagonsteen, Tim Sullivan on trumpet; Laura Caviani, piano; Clay Moore, guitar; Ron Evanuik, bass; Joe Pulice, drums.
is focusing on widebelt sanders that use only contact rollers and no platens, said sales and service manager Steve Grivna.
Floating beds were also considered necessary by Jack Grivna of Linden International.