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How terrible if that Granta editor's instinctive snobbery becomes correct and harder to access educational opportunities mean the North East moves even further from the literary world.
When I found out there's an opportunity to allow these bookworms to directly interact with Granta, I was very excited.
En el caso de Granta se conoce el objetivo de esas selecciones, no distinto al de tantos premios y festivales literarios: cotizar a ciertos autores y publicitarios en el mercado.
The Granta MI for Ansys Workbench enables validated materials property models to be quickly and consistently accessed and applied from within Ansys software, providing full traceability of the materials inputs to simulations.
Nevertheless , we bel ieve that AVTOVAZ will perform better in 2H12 as sales of its flagship Lada Granta are doing exceptionally well (3Q12 sales rose 26.
A profligacy of riches, Granta 119 offers the one problem: it is hard to decide which piece alone is most worth the price of admission.
Lada Granta, a new concept model of AvtoVAZ which, designed as the cheapest car of Europe tested by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
Could the compliers and editors of what has come to be known as Granta Pakistan have taken some trouble to find out writers who have written -- and are writing -- about the same issues of meaning and identity for more than 160 million Pakistanis who cannot leave their country to avoid its torn past, its tortured present and its troubling future?
SIXTEEN years ago, Granta asked Richard Ford, one of America's premier authors, to select his favourite short stories from the previous half century.
Granta Design announces a new release of GRANTA MI for managing, analyzing, and applying materials information in engineering enterprises.
ASM International, a materials information society based in Materials Park, OH, and its design partner, Granta Design of Cambridge, United Kingdom, announced the availability of a new materials database created specifically to support medical device design and help speed the R&D process.
Assistant EPA Administrator Granta Nakayama acknowledged that the reviews had not been conducted, but stated that the agency was incorporating environmental justice considerations into its work, including though program action plans, the agency's overall Strategic Plan, and enhanced on-line environmental justice mapping and assessment capabilities.