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Grant is made in consideration of the Treasury's updated anti-terrorist financing guidelines.
Otherwise follow the instructions for nonmodular research grant applications.
Although recordkeeping must be done on a grant-by-grant basis, ultimately the excess tax benefits and the tax-benefit deficiencies for each grant are netted to determine the APIC pool.
In August 2002 the Illinois Higher Education Center (IHEC) for Alcohol, Other Drug and Violence Prevention at Eastern Illinois University initiated a grant competition targeted at institutions of higher education in the state of Illinois.
She got the grant on her first attempt after seeing an advertisement about the grant competition in the Miami Herald.
You can bet the farm that this abuse of state grant money is just the tip of the iceberg.
5 billion in DHS grant money slated for state distribution, more vocal opposition and tensions related to DHS mandates are arising at various levels of government.
Ken Sragg, NOAA Project Manager for Grants Online, added that "the program will benefit NOAA grant applicants and recipients by reducing the IT cycle time to process applications.
During the 1970s, the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) began establishing grant programs.
A Research Grant will typically enable a scholar to travel to research materials in continental Europe, England, and/or depositories in the United States and Canada.
The World Trade Center Business Assistance grant programs for small businesses include the WTC Business Recovery Grant (BRG) and the Small Firm Attraction and Retention Grant (SFARG).
The Commission planned to award 95,000 grants last year (70,000 or so entitlement awards to needy students less than 18 months out of high school, and 22,500 competitive-grant program awards for older students).