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Base-closing, like Gramm-Rudman, (16) was a weak form of entrenchment: It did not prohibit repeal by a majority, but it did try to raise the costs of such a repeal by institutionalizing the task at hand in an agency outside Congress.
Even after congressional passage of the Gramm-Rudman legislation, Rudman finds himself at a White House ceremony where the president touts lower taxes and tax reform, while barely acknowledging his deficit-cutting efforts, along with those of Senators Gramm and Hollings.
Over the past decades we have had a number of bills that have required our Congress to balance the budget, such as the Gramm-Rudman Act.
His most renowned handiwork was Gramm-Rudman, but he also spent tremendous energy at home converting Texas Democrats to Republicans and pushing GOP candidates.
They call our attention to the simply disgusting duplicity of the administration and most of both parties in Congress in disguising real budget deficits with saved-ahead Social Security Trust Funds to "meet" Gramm-Rudman targets-a practice that does matter, economically and morally, because we're making future workers pay back what we have proudly claimed we were now investing.
The so-called Gramm-Rudman bill to eliminate the federal deficit by 1991 was passed by Congress.
deficit, budget dissensus, and the less than satisfactory performance of the Gramm-Rudman deficit reduction procedure) argues against the likelihood of such restraint in the U.
national holiday, protected critical domestic programs like Social Security from automatic Gramm-Rudman cuts, and imposed economic sanctions on South Africa over President Reagan's veto.
This means that budget planners can't draw from the fund in their efforts to confront the growing deficit under the Gramm-Rudman law.
It came as a surprise to many, given the travel cutbacks imposed by the Gramm-Rudman Balanced Budget Act, but the 1990 symposium of the American Vacuum Society in Toronto in mid-October did very well.
The imposition of Gramm-Rudman may be a blessing in disguise -- it can be counted upon that many American voters will become intensely interested and involved in our political process.
7% increase) will likely be cut dramatically to help reach the $64 billion Gramm-Rudman target for fiscal 1991.