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Separately, the Economic Information Daily reported that China's state-assets regulator may cut the number of government-owned enterprises to 40 from 112 through mergers and restructuring.
The government will continue its policies to further enhance the private sector's participation in economic development activities through a number of additional initiatives to avoid competition between government-owned enterprises and private sector companies.
In addition, Chinese government-owned enterprises will continue making huge investments in the Afghan economy to help rebuild the war-tom nation and reap big profits.
As has been the case for some time, local government agencies and government-owned enterprises continues to take the lead in pumping in the ad dollars into the marketplace -- in the first quarter, they spent an estimated $79 million for an overall 20 per cent share of the overall ad billings, according to data from Pan Arab Research Centre (Parc), which tracks official media rate cards.
He said when they were in power in 2002, the main opposition United National Party (UNP) privatized the government-owned enterprises and the current government is prespared to take back and preserve the state-owned businesses.
Government-owned enterprises account for more than half of Slovenia's economy, as successive governments since the country broke from the former Yugoslavia in the early 1990s have been reluctant to fully privatize firms.
Fuelled by its oil-boom petrodollars, Angola is going on a shopping spree in Portugal, snapping up government-owned enterprises that have to be privatised quickly to satisfy EU and IMF austerity measures.
Ata Meken faction leader Omurbek Tekebaev proposes to punish heads of government-owned enterprises with 10-15 years in prison for corruption in the amendments to the Criminal Code authored by him.
Chen said that the banks witnessed shrinking investments and deposits due mainly to slowdown in loans to government units and government-owned enterprises, not due to credit tightening to private enterprises.
9 per cent of Middle East buyers said that there were more during the previous 12 monthsSuppliers, meanwhile, said top client types in the region were corporate customers, Government-owned enterprises, NGOs, Government/not-for-profit entities, associations, agencies and consultants.
Local economies are dominated by family businesses and government-owned enterprises that have long spurned PE acquirers - and in some cases, have become competitors to PE firms.
It shows the market believes that the problems of a few government-owned enterprises are localized and there will be a low chance of spillover," he said.

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