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(1) To be owed something under the law, such as federal entitlement programs.

(2) That portion of a VA-guaranteed loan that protects the lender in case the veteran defaults.

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Its goal would be to find ways to cut spending on government entitlement programs, such as Social Security, Medicare and veterans benefits.
BETWEEN THE LINES: Prescribing a new government entitlement is exactly the wrong way to hold down costs.
Bush backers believe that he is right about the need to radically transform government entitlement programs.
Current projects explore the fields of technology, science and culture, reform of the law, national defense, the environment and the economy, the future of democratic institutions, transportation, religion and public life, government entitlement spending, foreign affairs and cooperation within the bi-national region of "Cascadia.
NEW YORK, March 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Tax reform should be separated from reforms to government entitlement programs and deficit reduction, according to more than half of business executives polled by KPMG's Tax Governance Institute (TGI), and almost 40 percent of those surveyed feel Congress should expand the reach of the corporate tax to include large "pass-through" entities, such as partnerships.
Demographics- aging populations and corresponding demands on retirement and estate planning, long-term care and government entitlement programs.
Regarding health care reform and government entitlement programs, "Nobody wants to talk about it," said Senator Bennett.
Experts estimate that the total combined cost of fraud in industry segments such as insurance, health care, cellular and telephone systems, and government entitlement reaches into hundreds of billions of dollars per year.
To make matters worse, the imminent surge in retiring babyboomers will mean even less tax revenues and a huge increase in government entitlement spending, at the same time as Obama is rapidly expanding the size of government.
Potential applications include everything from pay TV systems and health care programs to secure government entitlement programs.
People need life insurance products -- such as pensions, annuities, 401(k)s, life and disability income insurance and long-term care plans -- to provide financial protection during their working lives, to accumulate and manage assets for retirement, and to create their own private safety nets at a time when government entitlement programs are increasingly strained," Campbell said.
Tax receipts are about to fall off a cliff, at the same time as government entitlement spending for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid go through the roof.

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