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Government Bond

Any bond issued by an agency of the United States government. Government bonds are backed by the full faith and credit of the government and are considered risk-free. Most are negotiable, with prominent examples being Treasury securities or Ginnie Mae bonds. U.S. savings bonds, however, are not negotiable.


the primary decision-making body in a nation state responsible for national defence, maintaining law and order, etc. Government's economic role in the state depends upon the socio-political system the country has adopted, the two extremes being a CENTRALLY PLANNED ECONOMY and a PRIVATE ENTERPRISE ECONOMY. In the former case, governments play an all-embracing role, often owning most economic resources and determining what products to produce. In the latter case, where resources are held privately and markets are the main mechanism for allocating resources, governments play a more restricted role, merely influencing the general level of economic activity through DEMAND MANAGEMENT policies and redistribution of income and wealth. See MIXED ECONOMY, GOVERNMENT ( PUBLIC) EXPENDITURE.
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The government last week said that the term of the local government bodies that were extended until May 15 will not be further extended and would dissolve automatically.
Information about the activities of government bodies are also considered information on key indicators; including socio-economic development, characterizing the state of the industry related to the activity sphere of government agencies and the dynamics of its development, information on open tenders and the auctions organized by government agencies, information on job vacancies, and plans to hold public collegial meetings of government agencies.
It also questioned the decisions made by some government bodies that resulted in irregularities in training and scholarships, and the misuse of annual leave.
The defendants filed a motion to bar the government bodies from retaining private counsel under such an agreement based on earlier case law that precluded that practice for public claims.
The guide suggests government bodies have a clear process for responding to records requests, that they provide training to frontline personnel and that they respond promptly, either by providing the records or by saying why they aren't available.
That may be good because a recent survey of senior government IT executives by change management consultancy Partners for Change found that 78 percent of government bodies will not be able to comply with one of the FOI Act's main provisions, which states that government agencies must answer any query from the public within 20 working days.
Toyota Motor is leasing four of its FCVH fuel-cell vehicles to four government bodies, while Honda Motor is renting one FCX fuel-cell model to the Cabinet Office.
PR departments at 8,000 companies, associations and government bodies,
Qiva is driving value for major international carriers through B2B collaboration, with real-time sharing of information between carriers, customers, and government bodies to facilitate cross-border logistics moves.
The agency urged government bodies scheduled to merge in January next year in a reorganization of the central government to promote personnel exchanges and jointly conduct training and recruitment of new officials.
Its client base comprises a majority of the world's largest industrial and service corporations, as well as major institutions and government bodies around the world, including most U.
We cannot leave the betterment of our less-fortunate citizens to the appointed government bodies or charities.

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