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Nexus (of contracts)

A set or collection of something.

Nexus of Contracts

Any contract or other thing that is related to anything else, especially something that causes something else.
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The LG-made Google Nexus 5X users also reported issues of random reboots post Android 7.
Cellular , the off-contract price of 32 GB Google Nexus 6 is $660.
The fifth incarnation of the Google Nexus phone is also the first in the market to run the latest version of Google's mobile operating system, Android 4.
However, the Flash message on Google Nexus gets displayed on top of all active windows and is surrounded by a semi-transparent black overlay that has a dimming effect on the rest of the screen and with every message received the dimming effect increases.
Google Nexus 5 is the slimmest and fastest Nexus phone and puts the latest platform innovations of Android 4.
Customers buying Google Nexus 4 will get the following: 2 GB data bucket for 90 days, free trial of mobile music for a fortnight and much more.
The Google Nexus 10, which is a true rival to Apple's 9.
Google is reported by foreign news agencies to unveil multiple new models around the end of October, with hardware partners including LG, Samsung and Sony, all of which will also bring their newest Google Nexus Android phones to the market starting in the fourth quarter.
Video games retailer GameStop (NYSE:GME) announced on Thursday that it is now accepting trades on a wide range of Android tablets and is taking pre-orders on the brand new Google Nexus 7 tablet (16GB).
com/research/3kncwr/7_google_nexus) has announced the addition of the "7 Google Nexus Panel Production Shipments are Projected to have Total 3M Units by the End of September" report to their offering.
India, May 27 -- The Google Nexus 9 tablet may have been discontinued according to a report by Cnet.