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Everywhere Google Fiber announces, the impacted telco has announced a
would like the multifamily housing owners he works with to have that same advantage, but he's never been able to get Google Fiber to wire any of his client communities.
In Kansas City, Missouri, and Austin, Texas, where Google has set up shop, AT&T is offering gigabit service for $70 a month--less than in cities where Google Fiber doesn't have operations.
While Google may not be targeting huge numbers of subscribers, their entry into this market is very important, because it has the potential to disrupt the wireless industry in much the same way Google Fiber prompted changes in the cable and broadband industries," Rajeev Chand, head of research at Rutberg and Company, a mobile industry-focused investment bank, told the Journal.
Google Fiber and Major League Baseball made history when they fulfilled a Little Leaguer's dream of throwing a first pitch at a Major League game.
Now, the company has ingested over 200,000 copyrights and has received payments from subscribers on more than 200 ISPs including newly compliant ISPs Comcast and Google Fiber.
The legislation would also prohibit future public private partnerships, such as Google Fiber in Kansas City.
You could look at it as a possible wireless extension of their Google Fiber wireless network, as a way to more economically serve homes.
With San Antonio and Austin vying for Google Fiber, GVTC Communications, headquartered just north of San Antonio, made its move this summer to become the first rural telecommunications provider in Texas to power more than 2200, miles of fiber-optic cable with gigabit Internet service.
In the last year, it has launched the Connected Car and Drive Studio intiatives and recently introduced GigaPower, a 1 Gbps fiber optic connection similar to Google Fiber that will serve North Carolina communities and potentially 21 other cities.
The size of video games grows faster than the speed of the internet (until, at least, Google Fiber becomes widely available), so there's no telling if PlayStation Now will be able to not only consistently load games at an acceptable pace, but also keep them free of lag.