Good money

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Good money

Federal funds that clear on the same day, unlike clearinghouse funds, which require three days to clear.

Good Money

1. Federal funds that are transferred over the fed wire and are received by the recipient bank on the same day. Good money contrasts with clearinghouse funds, which are not received for three days.

2. See: Sound money.
References in classic literature ?
It was a great thing for Lawson, who was extravagant and earned little money: he had arrived at that stage of the portrait-painter's career when he was noticed a good deal by the critics and found a number of aristocratic ladies who were willing to allow him to paint them for nothing (it advertised them both, and gave the great ladies quite an air of patronesses of the arts); but he very seldom got hold of the solid philistine who was ready to pay good money for a portrait of his wife.
I make good money, an' you wouldn't want for anything.
What should I do--I, who have paid my good money for him?
You never got anywhere working for your relatives, he said, so when he was a journeyman he went to Vienna and worked in a big fur shop, earning good money.
I decided I could either move out here and make good money and retire when I'm 55, or stay back East and work till I was 106,'' he explained one hot and sunny day in the remote berg of Boron.
A lot of clients just throw good money after bad," he pointed out.
Ritchie Lowry, author of GOOD MONEY: A Guide to Profitable Social Investing in the 90's, and co-founder of Good Money Publications Inc.
com released its inaugural annual study of equity markets in North America, entitled, "Where's The Good Money - 2005".
I made good money in the past and it'll turn around and I'll make good money again.
Most believe the public will be eager to pay good money - a lot of good money - to see it.
Workers need to learn good money habits in order to successfully plan and save.