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Bona Fide

In law, belief that a statement or act is made or done honestly and with no ill intent, even if ill effect results. Liability for ill effect may be lessened or eliminated if the statement or act causing it was bona fide. The term is Latin for "in good faith," and the concept is sometimes referred to in this way.

good faith


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Although attendance to pre-proposal conferences are optional, this is one of the criteria to determine good faith efforts.
Because of the establishment of reasonable business procedures and X's good faith efforts to ensure compliance with those procedures, X has established reasonable cause and good faith that would prevent the application of the negligence penalty for failing to keep adequate books and records or to substantiate items properly.
Although they made good faith efforts to make timely allocations, they often paid punitive taxes for their inadvertent mistakes.
Offered again in 2007 due to high demand, the Principles of Affirmative Action workshop will focus on regulation changes, policy language, quantitative analysis, good faith efforts and other core affirmative action topics.
Good Faith Efforts To Meet Contract Dbe Goal - If The Contract Dbe Goal (if Any) Cannot Be Fully Met Through Dbe Participation On This Contract, The Bidder Mu[beaucoup moins que]Rt Submit A Signed Letter On Its Company Letterhead And Supporting Documentation To Show That Ail Reasonable "Good Faith Efforts% Were Made Toward Fulfilling The Required Dbe Goal.
Providing protection for taxpayers who make good faith efforts to comply with tax laws during the period between the enactment of the law and the time the IRS issues clear guidelines and final regulations.
The owner contended that, given its good faith efforts to acquire the missing leases for the apartment from the previous owner, the $200 rent was not only modest but lawful as well.