credit history

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Credit history

A record of how a person has borrowed and repaid debt.

Credit History

A record of one's payment history on current and previous debt. If one makes payments on time and does not acquire an excessive amount of debt, one's credit history is likely to be good. This makes an individual a good risk if he/she wishes to borrow more money. On the other hand, if one has a history of late payments and/or default, the individual is likely to be a bad risk and may be denied credit. One's FICO score is a measure of one's credit history.

credit history

An individual's history and experience regarding repayment of loans and use of revolving credit such as credit cards.

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Borrowers with good credit histories will be able to get cheaper loans after the Australian government forced the big four banks to share more data on their customers' credit histories.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 9, 2015-loanDepot reports good credit score more important to boomers than millennials
launched Path to Good Credit, a series of interactive websites that offer consumers information about building and improving their credit.
Path to Good Credit allows consumers to navigate through quizzes, videos, tips, and infographics that illustrate how good credit can help them succeed financially.
By sticking to these basic rules, companies can qualify for good credit ratings and in turn easier access to finances.
More than one-third of those surveyed believe a good credit score is 300 or less.
a GOOD credit rating is important when it comes to your chances of raising cash for your business.
The credit rating agency Standard and Poor's confirmed Macedonia's good credit rating of BB with a stable outlook despite the drawing of the money from the IMF credit line, said Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski.
At this moment, good credit tenants with as many as four years remaining on their current leases, are being renewed by their landlords on very favorable terms including lower rental rates, additional build out or renovation allowances, control over expenses, and free rent.
Our banks are strong, stable and offer lower interest rates to those with good credit.
Those who are classed as sub-prime will also face higher interest rates and fees than those with good credit records.
As long as you are diligent about making payments on time over the next six months and maintain good credit standing, you should qualify for a mortgage at a favorable interest rate.