credit history

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Credit history

A record of how a person has borrowed and repaid debt.

Credit History

A record of one's payment history on current and previous debt. If one makes payments on time and does not acquire an excessive amount of debt, one's credit history is likely to be good. This makes an individual a good risk if he/she wishes to borrow more money. On the other hand, if one has a history of late payments and/or default, the individual is likely to be a bad risk and may be denied credit. One's FICO score is a measure of one's credit history.

credit history

An individual's history and experience regarding repayment of loans and use of revolving credit such as credit cards.

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net developed an innovative three step plan in order to reassure customers who don't have good credit scores, can benefit from a personal loan as much as everyone else.
Having good credit is no longer an option, it's a necessity.
With personal information easy to get, thieves are stealing the identities of people with good credit, getting cards in their names and charging away.
Also, a significant share of the loan amount is borrowed by school districts with good credit quality.
net stated that, "although we are able to help people in a pinch, we wanted to provide a resource for hard working Americans who need help getting on the path to good credit.
A good credit mix, such as credit cards and installment loans, is good to have, but too many can lower your score.
GMICO's IFS rating of 'AA' reflects the company's strong excess capital given the current rating, good credit performance of the insured portfolio, solid financial returns over an extended period of time, and implicit support from GNW.
helps individuals of all good and bad credit types (including no credit) achieve their financial goals by connecting them with non-traditional lenders that specialize in affordable unsecured loans for people with good credit, poor credit and a lack of.
They may be able to suspend mortgage payments and still maintain good credit.
In recognition of these problems, Creditinfocenter is announcing their release of a new credit repair article series, designed to help those with poor credit fix negative marks and those with good credit keep their credit score high.
Attendees were also taught about debt management, saving, budgeting, how to establish and maintain good credit, and the economic benefits of homeownership.
HOUSTON -- Good credit is a tremendous asset and when maintained properly, it can provide you with financial freedom and save you money.