gold certificate

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Gold certificate

Certificate of an investor that shows proof of ownership of gold bullion.

Gold Certificate

A document entitling one to ownership of a certain, stated amount of gold. Most of the time, gold investors hold gold certificates rather than the physical gold itself in order to avoid the expense, security issues, and other difficulties associated with owning gold. However, the holder of the gold certificate can take possession of the gold he/she owns upon demand.

gold certificate

A receipt of ownership for a stated quantity of gold. A certificate, usually issued by a major bank, allows an investor to own gold without actually taking possession of the metal. A commission is generally charged at the time of purchase.
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In 1933, President Franklin D Roosevelt ordered that all gold certificates must be returned to the US Treasury, making the tracing of their ownership easier.
The Gold Certificates are issued in lieu of gold bars with specific gold bar numbers, and are available in denominations of 100 grams, 500 grams and 1kg, in purity of 995 as well as 999.
Eichengreen, Mehl, and Chitu (2013) discuss how, before 1975, instead of ISA there was a combination of settlement through transfer of gold certificates (to be discussed below) and discretionary "mutual assistance" among Reserve Banks.
Others said the SBV should issue gold certificates and establish a national gold trading floor.
Institutions would now issue only short-term gold certificates to pay customers upon request.
Gold Certificates were awarded to the participants who finished 108 rounds of 12 Suryanamaskar asanas and Certificates of Participation were awarded to others.
Gold certificates were awarded to 6 per cent of entrants, the statement said.
The gold certificates are worth 3 billion euros (4 billion dollars), the daily La Repubblica reported online.
An XPRESS survey revealed that while people are still keen on buying gold, they are keener on gold certificates as investments.
The telephones have been ringing non-stop just to handle people who want to buy Gold Certificates.
Andrea O'Connell said she were right chuffed to end up with six gold certificates for her pork pies and sausages in't regional tournament - only for the British Pig Executive to say she did not qualify for the overall prize because she was "out of area".
Exceptionally the school received five gold certificates going to Thomas Warrington, James Fulker, Joel Sugarman, Nicholas Bellamy and Robert Warrington, which means the school falls into the top institutions in the country.