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Now at its 10th anniversary, with the bearish price sentiment toward the precious metals complex, the summit will highlight the implications for China's gold market and gold mining industry from the country's Belt and Road Initiative, an update regarding Shanghai benchmark as well as trading products, rules and members on the SGE's international board, and price actions and supply & demand fundamentals for gold, silver, platinum and palladium in an impending Fed tightening cycle.
According to them, the Saudi gold market is estimated at SR55 billion.
According to HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA) a Swiss 'no' vote could also affect the gold market.
Its introduction underpins the creation of a centralized kilobar gold market, characterized by real-time transparent price discovery, daily expiration with physical delivery and robust verification of quality gold, IE Singapore said in the press release.
China may be the world's largest gold market, but because most of it is closed from foreign participation, there is still a long road ahead before Shanghai will be able to challenge the likes of New York and London in the global pricing of the precious metal.
This demonstrates the resilience of the gold market and the unique nature of gold as an asset class, rebalancing to reflect the economic environment.
Even hesitant traders, who saw no need to shift to the gold market believing the political tension would not last for much, are now changing their minds due to the fatality of the capital markets in crisis times," Habib said.
Egyptians flocked to the gold market in Eid el-Fitr, driving prices up despite political instability.
Atbara, June 2 (SUNA) - The State Minister at the Ministry of Minerals, Suraj-Eddin Hamid, and his Ethiopia counterpart, Tlosa Shagai, and State Minister of Culture and Communications, Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Sunday visited the gold market in Abidiya area, Nahral-Neil State.
In Mumbai, the world's biggest gold market, Zaveri Bazaar, still looks the same as it did a few decades ago.
GFMS forecasts that investors will purchase 973 tons of gold in the second half of 2012, more than during the wild gold market of the summer of 2011.
Summary: Police arrested Friday a four-person, multinational gang of thieves after finding 409 counterfeit gold coins in their possession in Tripoli's gold market.