Go long

Go Long

To take a long position. That is, one goes long when one buys a security or derivative.

Go long.

When you go long, you buy a security or other financial product that you intend to hold for a period of time or one that you expect to increase in value so that you can sell it at a profit.

For example, if you're buying and selling options or futures contracts, you go long when you enter a contract to buy the underlying instrument. In the case of stock, you go long when you buy shares to hold in your portfolio, at least for the next term.

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The PPC leaders appreciated the deal and hoped that the nuclear deal will go long way towards the prosperity of the region especially for Pakistan as well.
He said these mega projects will also help open new avenues of trade and economic activities in the region, which will go long way in improving socio-economic condition of the people in Pakistan.
This online computerizes system is expected to go long way in helping the secretariat employees to work with a surety to have a visible accountability during any transactions or other buying, selling or disposing operations in an efficient manner.
They will go long and chase flick-ons and second balls all day long.
BLACK CATS SHOULD GO LONG SUNDERLAND should go for Shane Long (pictured left) in the transfer window.
You believe that the euro will strengthen against the pound, and decide to go long and buy[euro]10,000 on EUR/GBP at 0.
With the option to go long and 'buy', profits can rise in line with any increase in that market's price.
The findings, based on responses from 841 drivers, follow a recent Ofcom report which warned of increased levels of smartphone addiction in the UK by users who are unable to go long without checking their phone.
The challenge was brought for hearing to ensure the seat does not go long without an MP.
com, you can receive SSI readings twice a day in DailyFX Plus Forex Intraday Trading Signals Follow up-to-the-minute updates on the SSI through DailyFX+ and our newest product: The Forex Stream Historical Charts of Speculative Forex Trading Positioning EURUSD - Forex trading crowds have aggressively sold into Euro/US Dollar rallies, giving our contrarian trading systems clear signal to go long the EURUSD.
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The people who have pushed science forward over the years usually go long without fanfare or even mention, and "A Biographical Dictionary of People in Engineering: From Earliest Records to 2000" is a comprehensive reference on engineers throughout the modern era, outlining their lifespan and accomplishments and other facts of note.