General ledger

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General ledger

Accounting records that show all the financial statement accounts of a business.

General Ledger

A record of all of a company's financial statements. It contains two columns: one for credits and one for debits. See also: Balance sheet.
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Most companies lump M&E expenses in one type of general ledger account.
For a company to fully benefit from this tax planning suggestion, however, new procedures must be properly implemented on the general ledger, and all accounting personnel must be trained.
Create a data warehouse by extracting and summarizing transaction data from the general ledger system to an ODBC-compliant database.
Most general ledger applications provide a way to import data from external sources.
5 products is the ease with which the end user can easily integrate the two products with one another and with the organization's general ledger.
In addition to analysis of projects and the general ledger, the new CompassENTERPRISE capabilities provide enhanced features for a number of often time-consuming financial management functions such as budgeting, re-burdening of actual overhead, allocation of indirect expenses, consolidations, and reorganizations.
The manufacturer implemented PeopleSoft Receivables, Asset Management, Payables, Projects, General Ledger, Inventory and Purchasing, going live with Receivables on July 1, 1998, and with the other six modules on October 1, 1998.
Calpine Corporation, a California based fully integrated power company, has implemented General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Purchasing and Project Costing in seven months.
CIDCO, a manufacturer of phone equipment that supports intelligent network services such as caller ID, implemented General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Projects, Billing, Purchasing, Inventory, Order Management, Production Planning, Cost Management, Production Management and HRMS in eight months.
general ledger integration product, LedgerLink(TM);
Called LedgerLink, the new application quickly integrates third-party general ledger systems through the use of templates targeted to specific vendor applications.

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