General ledger

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General ledger

Accounting records that show all the financial statement accounts of a business.

General Ledger

A record of all of a company's financial statements. It contains two columns: one for credits and one for debits. See also: Balance sheet.
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Also note that the general ledger account is assigned to the "id" attribute (as shown in exhibit 2).
3) As previously intimated, since most (if not all) large-case taxpayers utilize computer programs to categorize general ledger accounts for tax return purposes, the burden reduction associated with adopting TEI's Form 1120 FS recommendation may be modest in nature, obviating the mapping of new general ledger accounts to specific lines on the return but otherwise not substantially reducing return preparation burden.
The D&B Insight system allows on-line lookup of problems, patches and corrections to be made to the general ledger and fixed asset system.
TO MAXIMIZE ITS TAX BENEFITS, A COMPANY MUST adjust its chart of accounts and general ledgers at each reporting location.
Create a data warehouse by extracting and summarizing transaction data from the general ledger system to an ODBC-compliant database.
Paul Byrne, President, added, "The acquisition strengthens our market position with customers benefiting from AssureNET functionality being integrated into Trintech's ReconNET, to provide an end-to-end solution for general ledger account reconciliation, review, certification and risk management for every business.
The general ledger supports budgeting, allows for quick and easy journal entries and retains all transactions in detailed format.
It's not an easy program to learn primarily because of its screen layout and the need to maintain separate general ledger and fund accounting modules.
Automated interfaces to all general ledger systems to ensure all accounts are included in the program
For example, at one time we had a different general ledger system for each division, and the systems ran in isolation without "talking" to each other.
This tutorial covers the entries made in the general ledger to record securities and cash movements and how the stock record is to be maintained.
Venture is a collection of five microcomputer tools: a planning module, a spreadsheet, a file manager, a general ledger and a word processor.

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