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Alfred is the world's largest educational music publisher with over 15,000 active print, video (DVD, VHS/PAL), software, general MIDI, CD-audio and E-CD titles currently in circulation throughout the world.
Included with each folk song is a simple presentation of the unaccompanied tune with its full text, historical information about the tune, its circumstances, a brief sound recording bibliography, practice suggestions for the student, a secondo piano part and a general MIDI accompaniment in CD format.
All of the voices featured on the card are fully compatible with all major computer music standards, including MIDI modes: General MIDI, TG300B (GS emulation), Yamaha's own XG and Sondius(TM) XG.
The accompanying General MIDI disk (a separate option) functions as a surrogate orchestra, simulating the concerto experience.
Using the Maestro-2E audio signal processor from ESS Technology, the SonicStorm has a 64-channel audio steam processor, a 64-voice General MIDI wavetable synthesiser with 2 and 4mb Wavetable memory and two speaker 3D sound virtualisation.
Yamaha's S-YXG50 wavetable SoftSynthesizer is also included for acoustic instrument sound reproduction that is compatible with General MIDI and Yamaha XG standards.

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