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The mothers were repelled by his empty coffers and his reputation for gambling, and the daughters by his cloudy brow and melancholy temper - besides, he didn't understand them; he wanted the spirit and assurance to carry his point.
When they'd finished with the lands and forests and mines, they turned back, gambling for any little stakes they'd overlooked, gambling for franchises and monopolies, using politics to protect their crooked deals and brace games.
The losers couldn't get any more stakes, while the winners went on gambling among themselves.
It's a mighty big come-down from gambling for a continent to gambling for a job.
Everybody in this country has been gambling for generations.
1989)'The medical model of pathological gambling: current shortcomings', Journal of Gambling Behaviour, 5, 42-52.
The Internet gaming sector now includes licensed and regulated USA Online Casinos and Gambling.
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People with unrecognized gambling disorders may present with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, or other psychiatric symptoms, and screening patients with these symptoms can help make this connection, Dr.
In the past decade, online gambling has exploded and several states have approved measures to legalize various types of gambling.
com)-- The regulatory landscape on online gambling and betting is varied.
Do you sometimes spend more money and time on gambling than you can afford?