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Most of these activities were in line with the GRI dimensions, but various sustainability activities were not.
As shown in Table 1, there are similarities between the COSO and GRI frameworks.
Less than 10 percent of TAR's 80,000 members have earned their GRI designation.
By focusing on areas in which our joint efforts provide the customer increased benefits and better returns, we intend to set a new standard in crating and applying integrated technology solutions," said Steve Ban, GRI president and CEO.
Colwell serves as the Chairman of the GRI Research Board, and is a Distinguished Professor at the University of Maryland at College Park and in the Bloomberg School of Public Health at The Johns Hopkins University.
Nearly 18 years ago, GRI researchers found Japanese gas companies that were developing innovative gas distribution technologies not just to bring natural gas to buildings, but to transport the gas throughout the interior of the structures.
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The results of GRI-sponsored lining evaluations are documented in GRI reports and guidelines available through GRI/Net[TM] (www.
Today, at most gas companies, operations are conducted through a menagerie of different electronic `animals,'" explains Kiran Kothari, GRI Principal Project Manager, Distribution Automation and Operations.
Deirdre is a graduate of the Massachusetts Board of Realtors' Real Estate Institute giving her the designation of GRI (which only 4% of all Realtors hold).
GRI's focus is on a program called GRI Select[TM] while A.
More than 15 years ago, GRI recognized the potential benefits of horizontal drilling when it began working with companies like The Charles Machine Works, Inc.