Government Printing Office

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Government Printing Office (GPO)

The federal government's primary, centralized resource for gathering, cataloging, providing, authenticating, and preserving published information in all its forms. It maintains a 1.5 million square foot facility in Washington D.C. for processing, printing, and distribution of materials. Unless one knows the specific government agency responsible for particular materials, GPO's Web site,, is the best place to start any search regarding laws,regulations,procedures,forms,advice,or virtually anything else prepared by or collected for the U.S.government.

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The GPOs serving foodservice operators today include a diverse collection of organizations; diverse in size, practices, capabilities, membership, organizational history, background, management philosophy, segment focus, and strategic plans, among other things," observes Gary Karp, executive vice president of Technomic.
Any organization can take advantage of GPO offerings regardless of its size.
In July 2008, only 66 percent of the supplies that Valley View used were purchased via GPO contracts.
Does your GPO cover the cost of paying invoices and negotiating with vendors?
Earlier this year, James announced his intention to retire from GPO.
Although the law allowed a charge for access (except at depository libraries), the GPO Access databases soon became freely available to all through GPO Access Gateway sites set up by depository libraries ("GPO Access," 1995), and then by December 1995 GPO decided to waive the fees for GPO Access (Gordon-Murnane, 1999).
The GPO spokesman said that should steer significantly more work to contractors.
However, smaller and medium-sized hospitals were likely to obtain a savings with the GPO.
The GPO has no capacity to produce the antiretroviral cocktails for export so far, but South Africa, through the MSF, has expressed interest in importing the anti-AIDS drugs produced by the GPO, Krisana said.
GPO can be defined as either an output measure (gross output less intermediate inputs) or as an input measure (costs incurred and incomes earned); see the box "Gross Product Originating.
Groups of properties or management firms might also consider forming their own GPO organizations.
The general business problem is that GPO members may not achieve the lowest available prices on medical supplies and therefore contribute to excessive health care spending.