geographic information system

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geographic information system (GIS)

A computer mapping program in which land characteristics and/or demographic information may be revealed and printed as color-coded overlays.

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The Houston-based company produces award-winning magazines (such as Oil and Gas Investor, E&P and Midstream Business); online news and data services; in-depth industry conferences (like theDUG (TM) series); GIS data sets and mapping solutions; and a range of research and consulting services.
The most reliable and the easiest-to-get digital GIS data sources are probably the Digital Line Graphs (DLG), Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Digital Orthophoto Quad Quadrangle (DOQQ), and Digital Raster Graphics (DRG) data that are available from the U.
Now in the design stages, the hub will make the City's vision a reality--it will provide for the integration and sharing of the city's many GIS data sets, regardless of the software they are based upon.
Put another way, even though aerial photos, satellite images, conventional maps, and land surveys may be used in compositing GIS data layers, it's the tabular digital data (tables of numbers) that really builds them.
Rextag Strategies outperformed all major competitors in an open-bid process; as a result, Rextag was awarded the Department of Interior's Bureau of Indian Affairs contract for its Oil & Gas Pipeline GIS and Renewable Energy GIS Data.
Tenders are invited for GIS Data Maintenance and Web Hosting
4 Global GIS Data Market in the Utility Industry 07.
It examines the framework for EU community member states and the process involved in SDI development and implementation, considering how collaborative projects are developed and including case studies to show how different European organizations are working to maximize access to GIS data through SDIs.
GIS data collection development constitutes a core element of GIS services within academic libraries.
com, a Connecticut-based municipal software and technology firm, continues to help America's towns and cities "reinvent government" with a "Lite" version of Web-based, e-government services that can operate without GIS data and tools to save municipalities significant operating expenses, month after month.
A majority of the GIS data is managed and exported as static files for access by the end user.
AEM Wants Assurances That Their GIS Data Licenses are Being Fully Enforced