Government Accountability Office

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Government Accountability Office (GAO)

An investigative arm of Congress, formerly called the General Accounting Office. Members of Congress may request a wide variety of reports, analyses, and raw data,which is supplied in a nonpartisan manner by the GAO.It also recommends actions to be taken by Congress as a result of findings in the reports. Its Web site,, contains an excellent search engine to find reports on housing,financial services,and natural resources,to name a few topics.

A few interesting reports related to real estate include

• ‘'Financial Institutions: Issues Regarding the Tax-Exempt Status of Credit Unions” (impor- tant because credit unions usually offer lower interest rates because of their tax-exempt status, but banks are crying “no fair” over the situation.)
• ‘'Real Estate Brokerage: Various Factors May Affect Price Competition”
• ‘'Title Insurance: Preliminary Views and Issues for Further Study”
• ‘'Catastrophe Risk: U.S. and European Approaches to Insure Natural Catastrophe and Terrorism Risks”
• ‘'Consumer Protection: Federal and State Agencies Face Challenges in Combating Predatory Lending”
• ‘'Residential Care Facilities Mortgage Insurance Program: Opportunities to Improve Program and Risk Management”
• ‘'Public Housing: Information on the Roles of HUD, Public Housing Agencies, Capital Markets, and Service Organizations”
• ‘'Elderly Housing: Federal Housing Programs and Supportive Services”

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After the GAO received the agency report, the parties participated in an outcome prediction ADR conference with the GAO attorney assigned to the case.
According to the GAO, only 73 of Arkansas' 1,496 licensed companies were chartered in the state.
The GAO also suggested that the IRS complete certification and accreditation of its e-filing systems, assess security risks and routinely monitor effectiveness of access controls dealing with such risks, improve data reliability and integrity controls and notify taxpayers of privacy risks associated with e-filing.
Indeed, the GAO cited one border patrol agent who owned a $200,000 house with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, five cars, one van, two boats, 100 weapons, $45,000 in U.
Acknowledging that Congress "has not paid much attention" to assisted living in the past, Grassley said the GAO study was conducted for "educational purposes.
The next largest component of the closeout costs, GAO said, is $4.
The GAO study also renews the call for a senior executive level chief appraiser to manage and assess implementation of the appraisal program.
The GAO failed to adhere to applicable professional standards and protocols in preparing its findings.
Using falsified documents and employee information, GAO obtained HUBZone certification for three bogus firms using the addresses of the Alamo in Texas, a public storage facility in Florida, and a city hall in Texas as principle office locations.
Several years ago, I culled the latest GAO (US Government Accountability Office) reports for items pertaining to defense logistics and transportation.
24 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE) announced today that employees at GAO have launched a union organizing campaign to represent the 1,500 analysts employed by the Government Accountability Office (GAO).