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G-8 finance ministers, who are meeting in Marseilles in southern France on Saturday, will also review the $20 billion support pledge made in May at a meeting in Deauville, a resort town in northern France.
G-8 finance ministers preparing to give rosier economic view
Momentum picked up recently when the G-8 Finance Ministers reached agreement on a plan to wipe out the debts of 18 impoverished countries, most of which are in Africa.
Other major agenda items at the G-8 finance ministers meeting will be reform of international financial organizations, climate change and development aid, according to Japanese officials.
The dollar was firm in Tokyo at the lower to mid-108 yen level as investors believed that the G-8 finance ministers agreed on the need to prevent dollar weakness against major currencies, dealers said.
A crucial moment is expected to come in June, when Japan hosts the meeting of G-8 finance ministers in Osaka.
Silence from G-8 finance ministers about the dollar's slide against other major currencies in their weekend statement helped propel the dollar's decline, dealers said.
said the G-8 finance ministers are expected to agree on indirect controls on hedge funds this time.
The introduction of regulations on hedge funds will be included in a report after a meeting of G-8 finance ministers in Frankfurt on June 12, and will be included in a declaration to be released June 20 after the summit, the paper said.
The two-day meeting is scheduled to start Friday evening with a working dinner, at which the G-8 finance ministers will meet their counterparts from five African nations -- South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique and Cameroon, the German government said.
The G-8 finance ministers are expected to devote considerable time to debating the issue at the request of Germany, which wants its G-8 counterparts to back tighter supervision for hedge funds.
Global growth remains robust and it is more balanced across regions and within our countries,'' the G-8 finance ministers said in a statement released after their two-day meeting at a lake resort near the eastern German city of Potsdam.