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Future Interest

In real estate, ownership of a property without the right to use it at present. For example, the owner of an apartment has a future interest if she rents it to a tenant. She may own the apartment, but the tenant has the right to live there. Generally, the owner may enter without permission or at least prior notice.

future interest

Interest in land in which the possession and enjoyment are deferred until a future date.

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The Service's position more appropriately supports the argument that the receipt of a restricted partnership interest should be discounted to reflect the value at which it could presently be sold, not that only a future interest has been received.
The IRS held in Letter Ruling (TAM) 9532001 that in a specific situation, because the right of notification of these withdrawal rights was waived and the withdrawal instructions were not furnished by the donor to the trustee, the gifts were future interests and not eligible for the annual exclusion.
Furthermore, their reputation throughout the global business community will better represent the Company's future interests.
Ordinarily, most transfers to trusts are gifts of future interests and therefore do not qualify for the $10,000 annual exclusion.
7 million of their future interests under these cash compensation arrangements, this group of DLJ employees will also acquire options to purchase 9,168,724 million shares of common stock at an exercise price of $27 per share.
Acacia Research intends initially to retain significant control of its present and future interests and occasionally to sell portions to generate earnings.

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