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An employer should measure the cost of healthcare-related termination benefits, including healthcare continuation under COBRA, by calculating the discounted present value of expected future benefit payments, in accordance with the following requirements, as applicable:
At the K 2004 show in Dusseldorf last fall, Basell's president and CEO Volker Trautz noted that LME's efforts to establish plastics futures trading has the potential to improve the industry's ability to cope with the extreme volatility in PP and PE pricing.
The Future Force Warrior will be a responsive and formidable member of an invincible battlespace team," DeGay explained, describing the system scheduled to be fielded by 2010.
This approach can leave a community severely underfunded for future benevolence care.
Two articles in this issue of AMT focus on the future of the music teaching profession.
The future that lies in a toy box is a serious future.
How many agencies are prepared for such future challenges?
This can help for a decade or so, but in the long term it assumes that future software will be able to render such standard formats.
futures exchanges, and (3) repeal of the Shad-Johnson prohibition of single-stock futures.
The examining agent maintained that the fees should be capitalized, because the TPM and the APA provided the company with a significant future benefit (i.
As we reflect on whether faith has a future, we need to think about whether we have faith in a future.
All of these images say some important things about planning and future trends.